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5 Games That Would Actually Make Better Movies

Some titles are for playing, while some are for watching. That being said, remember Jean Claude Van-Damme’s Street Fighter? While Capcom’s well-loved game will always be the benchmark for awesome 2D-fighting titles, its movie adaptation didn’t really live up to the fans’ expectations. It works both ways, too. Some games have controls and game play that are not very user-friendly, but they would be interesting to watch on the big screen. So without further ado, here are 5 games that would actually make better movies instead of platform games.



An FPS game is usually played with a keyboard and mouse. When played with a controller, the crosshair can be difficult to aim. Now imagine playing an FPS game on the PS Vita. With a small screen and joysticks for aiming, it would be a miracle to get a quick headshot in the game. Activition’s attempt to port its Call of Duty franchise to the PS Vita was largely unsuccessful, receiving a metacritic rating of only 33/100. Apart from its controls, it has a very short first player mode. The game has a captivating story though, and fans would probably enjoy it more as a movie.

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Aquaman quite possibly has the smallest fanbase in DC Comics. Why its creators decided to develop a game that doesn’t elevate the superhero is hard to understand. The fighting combos were confusing to learn, but the story and the concept had a lot of potential. DC creates some of the best animated films in the world, and perhaps it would’ve been better if they released this one along with their successful Justice League movies.

Dream Cast Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis on The IF List >



Simply put, Game of Thrones is an amazing TV series. Its game adaptation, however, isn’t. It’s quite disappointing, really, as the game’s story is as immersive as HBO’s most successful TV show as of the moment.

The problem with the game is that its developer is spreading itself too thin. With a lot of “in-progress” games under its belt, it forgot to polish the animations in the game. The graphics are also a bit blurry and subpar, and there aren’t a lot of game plays involved.

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Governor of Poker 2 is about the story of a young card shark on a quest to show the city governor that poker is a game of skill, not luck. Gambling is banned in the governor’s city so to make poker legal, the main character must prove to the governor that poker isn’t gambling but just like any other sport. The game has a pretty good plot, perhaps as good as that of casino film classics such as The Rounders and The Croupier, but it fall short in bringing anything new to the table. There are already a lot of titles that use the casino-RPG type of game play, which is kind of like Spin Genie’s game that allows players to travel through various levels while collecting bonuses. Governor of Poker 2 is exactly like this, giving players a chance to unlock levels and bonuses while playing poker. For a change, perhaps it would be more interesting to see this kind of concept in the movies.

Dream Cast Governor of Poker 2 on The IF List >



Galerians is a survival-horror game that follows the story of Rion, a powerful psychic that can move and explode things with his mind. He has amnesia and is in the process of discovering his true identity when events brought him to the bastion of the last surviving humans on Earth.

Galerians has a solid story but the same cannot be said for its game play. It can be repetitive, and the main character is too strong, making the survival-horror like an adventure mode put on easy setting. With a few minor tweaks and nerfs to Rion’s power, Galerians would make a fine animated or live-action movie.

Dream Cast Galerians on The IF List >

What other games do you think would make awesome movies or TV shows? Add your ideas to our list >>

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