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Our Dream Cast For a ‘Wool’ Movie Adaptation

The novel series written by Hugh Howey

Hugh Howey’s popular sci-fi novel, Wool is being adapted for the big screen! After getting into a bidding war, 20th Century Fox was lucky enough to nab the rights to the novel in 2012. The Fifth Wave director J Blakeson originally wrote a screenplay for the movie, but it was eventually shelved. The Wrap reported that it’s back in development with Guardians of the Galaxy screenwriter Nicole Perman rewriting the scriptand Ridley Scott, Steve Zaillian and Garrett Barsch producing.


Wool was originally a series of novellas that were later turned into a novel, and is the first book in The Silo Saga. The series takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth, where humanity is trying its hardest to survive. To do this they live in an underground city called Silo that extends 144 stories beneath Earth’s surface. Inhabitants of the Silo believe that the outside world is unkind and no one is ever allowed to speak of it. If one does, it is considered a major crime that could lead to the person being exiled to the outside. The novel consists of five books with the first one following the Silo’s Sheriff Holston. The next four follow the stories of other characters, Juliette, Jahns and Marnes, while the overall storyline of the series revolves around the mystery in the Silo.

Our Dream Cast

Luke Evans as Holston

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 4.21.51 PM

Luke Evans (The Hobbit trilogy) would be great for the role of Holston, the conflicted sheriff who just wants his wife back. We can see him taking charge in his role as sheriff and being looked up to when the people in the Silo are in need. Dream Cast Your Own Holston>>

Abigail Spencer as Allison

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 4.19.52 PM

Allison is a character who sets the events of the novel in motion when she asks to leave the Silo and is ultimately exiled prior to the start of Wool. There’s no one else we see playing this part besides Abigail Spencer (Rectify) who has proven that she can be the strong, outspoken type, and still very likable! Dream Cast Your Own Allison >>

Rosario Dawson as Juliette

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 4.18.09 PM

It’s expected to choose a Sigourney Weaver type for the role of Juliette, but Rosario Dawson would be perfect for the mechanic turned sheriff. She can play the tough character just as well as a young Sigourney in AlienDream Cast Your Own Juliette >>

Sigourney Weaver as Mayor Jahns

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 4.19.24 PM

If we can’t have Sigourney Weaver as Juliette, then we might as well cast her in the next best part, which is Mayor Jahns! It’s a respectable role in the silo and a part the she could so easily take on. Dream Cast Your Own Mayor Jahns >>

Are you excited for Wool to become the next great dystopian novel adapted for the screen? It has a great team behind it, so we have high hopes that they will do the novel justice. Leave a comment and dream cast Wool on The IF List >>

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