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14 Cartoons From the 2000’s That Need a Live-Action Reboot

A Still from ‘Kim Possible.’ What’s The Sitch!

We all miss the days when we could stay home and watch our favorite cartoons and with the announcement of Cartoon Network bringing back The Powerpuff Girls, we couldn’t help but get nostalgic remembering the shows of our younger years. We thought we’d take it a step further than a TV reboot and discuss which cartoons were perfect for an animated TV-Series turned live-action movie. We settled on 14 fantastic shows!

1. The Proud Family

Disney’s The Proud Family

The Proud Family followed teen Penny Proud who was just trying her best to grow up! It dealt with normal teen issues like bullying, parental embarrassment and more. The show featured several big name guest stars such as Mariah Carey and Samuel L. Jackson throughout its four year run, and with the impossibly catchy theme song that was sung by Solange and Destiny’s Child, it’s practically made for film. We think China Anne McClain and Jamie Foxx would be great as Penny and Oscar Proud. Dream Cast The Proud Family >>

2. As Told by Ginger

Nickelodeon’s As Told By Ginger

Ginger Foutley did what most young girls attempt but fail to maintain – keep a diary! She wrote in it every day and each episode was recounted by Ginger herself, hence the title. All Ginger and her best friends, Dodie and Macie, wanted was to become popular, and fantastic adventures ensue. Plus, who can forget the popular girl song “It’s Courtney?” Dream Cast As Told By Ginger >>

3. Kim Possible

Disney’s Kim Possible

So what’s the sitch?” Kim might be the best character that the Disney Channel ever created. Even though she was animated, everyone wanted to be her. With the help of boy genius Wade and her best friend Ron Stoppable, Kim would save the world from super villains while still managing school, cheerleading and a part time job at Club Banana. With some hair dye or a wig, Kiernan Shipka and Nat Wolff would be an awesome Kim and Ron. Dream Cast Kim Possible >>

4. Hey Arnold!

Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold!

Arnold was an average middle school kid with a football shaped head. He lived in a boarding house in New York City with his grandparents, and had a bedroom that we were all envious of. The characters are unique and hilarious which is exactly why we need to see a live-action reboot! Imagine real-life Helga, Harold, and Stoop KidDream Cast Hey Arnold! >>

5. Braceface

Teletoon’s Braceface

Sharon Spitz showed us all how terrible life could be with braces. Voiced by Clueless star Alicia Silverstone, Sharon was literally the complete opposite of Cher Horowitz and faced many mishaps in her struggle to fit in. Though having braces isn’t as terrible as this show depicts, we think the life lessons and lovable Sharon would translate well on screen. Dream Cast Braceface >>

6. Ed, Edd n Eddy

Cartoon Network’s Ed, Edd n Eddy

This show ran for 10 years and to this day remains the longest running show on Cartoon Network. It followed three friends who all have different variations of the name Ed, but very different personalities. Ed was the confused one, Double D was neurotic, and Eddy, was a con artist. With such a long run, a movie is bound to perform well! Dream Cast Ed, Edd n Eddy >>

7. Pepper Ann

Disney’s Pepper Ann

Pepper Ann was a 12 year old, who was “much too cool for 7th grade.” In each episode she faced some sort of moral dilemma and naturally, she would make the wrong decision so her viewers could watch her face the consequences. Of course, Pepper Ann ultimately learned important lessons from them, and her quirky demeanor rounds out all the checkboxes for a fun film! Dream Cast Pepper Ann >>

8. Angela Anaconda

Teletoon’s Angela Anaconda

This was hands down one of the strangest shows you watched as a kid. It was a cutout animated show about a little girl named Angela who had a VERY unique voice. Angela was actually pretty vulgar for being only eight years old, and she had to deal with a snooty mean girl named Nanette Manoir. Though a show for younger kids, this series kept it very real and wins major points for originality! Dream Cast Angela Anaconda >>

9. Danny Phantom

Nickelodeon’s Danny Phantom

Danny Fenton was a typical teenager until he accidentally stepped into his parents’ ghost portal. From that point on he became half human, half ghost and began using his powers to stop evil ghosts that would continuously escape the ghost zone and terrorize his town. Not only is it a great action story, but if you had to have a crush on a cartoon character, Danny was a pretty solid choice. We think Colin Ford could easily pull off playing Danny. Dream Cast Danny Phantom >>

10. Johnny Bravo

Cartoon Network’s Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo was an overly confident, dim-witted womanizer, who was constantly attempting to get a girl to go on a date with him. He was usually unsuccessful in his pursuits but would end up in strange and entertaining situations. Chris Hemsworth would be a perfect and hilarious real-life Johnny! Dream Cast Johnny Bravo >>

11. The Wild Thornberrys

Nickelodeon’s The Wild Thornberrys

The Thornberrys were an eccentric family who traveled all over the world to film wildlife documentaries. After their daughter Eliza rescued a shaman, she was given the gift of communicating with animals. It’s a secret that she hides from everyone, but it allows her to talk to her pet chimp Darwin when they go off on adventures together. In an age where social media and texting is all the rage, it would be pretty funny to see an updated version of jungle living! Dream Cast The Wild Thornberrys >>

12. Totally Spies

Cartoon Network’s Totally Spies

Sam, Alex, and Clover seemed like the average Beverly Hills teenagers who loved shopping and dealt with typical high school drama, but they had a secret side job – they were spies! This show was basically Powerpuff Girls meets Charlie’s Angels. The trio even had their own Charlie, who went by the name Jerry. An all-female spy trio for a younger crowd would make for an awesome movie! Dream Cast Totally Spies >>

13. American Dragon: Jake Long

Disney’s American Dragon: Jake Long

New Yorker teen Jake Long has to balance everyday life and dragon training with his grandfather to hone his skills. As the American Dragon, he is in charge of protecting the magical creatures in the city, and has to avoid dragon hunters like Huntsgirl, who unbeknownst to Jake is his school crush Rose. It would be great to see more Asian Male leads in Hollywood and Jake’s story is the perfect one to get them started! Dream Cast American Dragon: Jake Long>>

14. 6teen

Teletoon’s 6teen

This show was like a teenage Mallrats that revolved around a group of sixteen year old friends at their first after school jobs at the mall and dealt with typical teenage problems. It’s been a while since Hollywood Teens had real jobs in the movies (everyone is living in some crazy post-apocalyptic world!) so bringing back the charm and monotony of day jobs could be just what the teens of today need! Dream Cast 6teen >>

Do you agree with our list? Make sure to add your casting choices for these awesome cartoons and support them on The IF List!

2 Responses to “14 Cartoons From the 2000’s That Need a Live-Action Reboot”

  1. Ronke

    I also think Kids Next Door would also be pretty cool as a live action show.



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