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Elizabeth Banks in Talks to Direct Adaptation ‘Red Queen’

Actress and Director Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks has proven herself behind the camera after directing the spring hit Pitch Perfect 2, and now she may be taking on a YA novel hit!

Variety reports that Banks is in negotiations to direct Red Queen, a novel by Victoria Aveyard. The first in a trilogy, Red Queen is set in a fantasy world where society divides its members by the color of their blood. It features a 17-year-old girl, Mare Barrow, who, to save her family, must assume the role of a long lost princess while secretly aiding a revolution.

The Red Queen is certainly a different kind of story than Pitch Perfect 2, but has generated a lot of hype since its recent release. The novel has only been out since February 10th, 2015 but was optioned two years prior to its release by Universal in 2013. Seems like Hollywood is sure this will be a blockbuster!

Now that we possibly have an awesome female director on board, it’s time to think about who could play the heroine, Mare! Here are a few popular choices proposed by IF Listers.

1. Adelaide Kane

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 5.03.14 PM

Adelaide Kane proposed for Mare Barrow

Adelaide is IF Listers’ number one choice to play the lead, with 21 votes! Support Adelaide for Mare here >>

2. Maisie Williams

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 5.09.04 PM

Maisie Williams proposed for Mare Barrow

She’s already a household name since playing Arya Stark on the hit series Game of Thrones, so Maisie would definitely bring in a huge audience! Support Maisie for Mare here >>

3. Freya Tingley

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 5.14.33 PM

Freya Tingley proposed for Mare Barrow

Freya is my favorite to play Mare, as she has already shown how much complexity and intrigue she can bring to a character (her performance alone made the first season of Hemlock Grove worth watching!). She would be great in a franchise like Red Queen! Support Freya for Mare here >>

Are you excited to see Elizabeth Banks direct the film? Who would you like to see play Mare? Leave a comment and dream cast the characters on The IF List! >>

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