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Emily Blunt In Talks For Lead Role in ‘The Girl on the Train’ Film Adaptation

Actress Emily Blunt

Paula Hawkins’s The Girl on the Train is one of the most talked about books of the year. It debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and has remained at there for 17 weeks. It has already sold over two million copies and has become the fastest-selling adult novel in history. The hype alone makes it perfect for film! Before it was released, Dreamworks Pictures acquired the rights to the novel, and now Tate Taylor (The Help) is attached to direct!

Will She Be the Girl?

The Wrap reports that Emily Blunt has been offered the role of Rachel, the lonely alcoholic divorcee. Nothing has been confirmed and she is still in talks, but according to a few IF Listers, Emily could be perfect for the role! She is a very versatile actress and it would be interesting to see her take on the unreliable narrator.

Four weeks ago, IF Lister Annabelle proposed Blunt for the lead role, and it looks like her dream cast could be coming true! The novel also has two other female leads and the studio has shown interest in Kate Mara for one of them.

Emily Blunt proposed for Rachel

Emily Blunt proposed for Rachel

The Premise

The novel is said to be a psychological thriller in the similar vain of Gone GirlIt follows Rachel, on her daily commute while she fantasizes about a couple who live in a house that she passes every day. Everything with “Jess and Jason” seems perfect until one day when something shocking happens, and Rachel becomes entangled in the mystery.

We are definitely intrigued, and would love to see how the thriller translates on the big screen! Who do you think Kate Mara could play in the film? What do you think about Emily playing the coveted female lead?

Sound off in the comment section below and dream cast other characters in The Girl on the Train on The IF List! >>

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