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Watch: The First PAPER TOWNS Trailer Starring Nat Wolff is Here

Here’s the cinematic moment all of you John Green fans have been waiting for! 20th Century Fox finally unveiled our first look into the world of director Jake Schreier’s (Robot & Frank) Paper Towns.

The film stars Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne as Quentin and Margo. Quentin is a young man who wakes up one night to find his neighbor Margo dressed as a ninja, asking him to help her get revenge on the people who have hurt her. She disappears the next day, but Quentin subsequently begins to receive clues from her that he must follow along with a gang of friends.

Based on the trailer, Paper Towns will be a lot lighter than The Fault In Our Stars and the mood seems to be friends finding themselves on a road trip. It looks really heart-warming and we’re certainly excited! Watch below:


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